At Teen Dental Place, we are more than a dental office that oversees and treats patients.  We are a team of doctors who make every effort to save smiles through our Mission to Save Smiles Campaign, locally and afar.

We are at our best when we are a part of the community. We insure “Everyone has a Confident Smile”, because we understand that confident smiles open the path to confident futures for teens and young adults.

In Dr. Bayramyan’s office you matter. An active listener, Dr. Bayramyan outwardly uses the input from you, with his state of the art diagnostics equipment, his years of experience, his deep and extensive education to analyze your problem and design a treatment program that respects you AND your resources. Specializing in catching the problems when they are SMALL he is as meticulous in his examination as he is precise in his procedures. As the coach and captain of your health team, Dr. Bayramyan finds it essential to take the time to explain options and what work can or should be done.

Click here to read about our “Mission to Save Smiles” and our Vision for 2020 at Teen Dental Place.

Jack Bayramyan DDS

Jack Bayramyan DDS
CEO / Founder